The Wall of Early Morning Flight is probably reached most easily from Northeast Point. Take the Lighthouse Footpath as it curves westward and parallels the north bluff rim towards the Spot Bay area. Pass the No Problem Mon cairn and continue about another 150 yards until the trail comes to within 50 feet or so of the Bluff edge. There is a red painted DOS Marker near the Bluff edge at this site which also marks the location of these climbs. These are quite high quality, sporty climbs on generally smooth, pocketed yet steep terrain.

1.) Turtles all the Way Down, 11d, 1/9/2. Dicey and steep. Located at the DOS marker.

2.) Neon Goby, 12a, 2/17/2. Very steep and overhanging.

3.) Tune-A-Fish, 12+, 2/15/2.

4.) Hot Tuna, 12a, 2/8/2. *Ti top anchors only….. careful !! Lower anchors are in a cave. (Grenard)

5.) Chicken of the Sea, 12a, 2/10/2. Ti T *Shares top anchors with #6. The shot at top is Jeff Elison just past the crux of this climb … pretty huh ? Superb climb too. (Elison)

6.) Spineless, 11d, 2/13/2. Ti, T Steep, smooth and multipocketed rock. You will be challenged near the top. Nice. (Grenard)

7.) Holy Huecos batwo-man, 10c, 12/14/2. Ti Top anchors located part way down a V shaped slot at the Bluff’s edge. Two sets of bottom anchors, one about 30′ higher than the other. Warning, watch the wave action. (grenard)