Tsunami Wall … ( NOW OFF LIMITS!! PLEASE SEE THE NOTICE BELOW !! ) … is further on past the huge leaning boulders that denote the end of Neptune’s Lair. You can get there by scrambling to the base at low to medium tide levels, however most approach from the top and rap the routes, it’s definitely easier access. Go to Peter’s Cave Road which intersects Major Donald Drive approximately 5 miles east of Ashton Reid Road (Crossover Road). Take the Lighthouse Footpath (North Rim Trail) for about 1/2 mile until you break out of fairly dense foliage. Look for a rock cairn and two small twin palm trees on your left. Go to the bluff edge and you are there. Routes numbered L to R as you face the sea. These routes are on moderate quality rock. Not the best. *CAUTION: NOT RE-BOLTED AS OF 03-01-02.

1.)  Chia Pet, 5.9, 1/12/0.

2.)  Tsunami, 11a, 2/14/1. T

3.)  Found a Peanut, 12a, 2/15/1.