Land of the Earth-born Spirit


Beautiful little Hypertension Cirque is found on the NE top of Turtle Rock.

Only two routes exist here at present, and one is the highly sought after area’s namesake climb “Hypertension”,

a severely overhanging, very challenging and strenuous finger crack.

Also FYI, another area has been developed around the corner to the right (east) called “Heartbreak Hotel.”

1.) Hypertension 12b You might peg your bloodpressure climbing this one – its continuous, sustained, 110 degrees overhanging and demanding. The first 40 feet are a splitter finger crack, and it backs off considerably from there. (Wilford and Guerin, ’81)

2.) Leatherneckin’ 10b While climbing this thing for the FFA, Mat Schoeck exclaimed “holy shit, you need leather skin to climb this one”. In other words, ‘tape up’ (which is not uncommon at Vedauwoo)!! Still, the climb is worth the effort. There is a choice of three exits near the top, but the natural crackline directly above the lower part of the climb keeps the grade. (Schoeck and Harper, ’92) *NOTE: Overlooked in current guidebooks!!

DESCENTS: There is a bolted rap station on the far NE corner above the tops of these climbs. One can also walk off to the west, then circling back south and around to the base of the climbs.

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