This formation offers two long, moderate routes at present, however, considerable route potential exists here. A tundra field (known as ‘University Avenue’) separates the two lower slabs from the upper ones and steep couloirs bound each side of the formation. For descent, use either 1.) the Med Bow Peak Trail or 2.) scramble down the Second Street Couloir after melt out.
1.) Long Haul, 5.8. Up to 7 pitches of great moderate climbing, 4 pitches up the main face, cross the tundra field (University Avenue’) Two variants, A and B after the third pitch add variety. NOTE: You can exit at University Avenue should the weather threaten.
2.) Middle Cut, 5.7. This five pitch climb is a ‘gusher’ until August when the ground above is melted out. It’s a cool, highly variable climb at a recreational grade with step-like terraces, abbreviated faces leading to University Avenue. Take the upper pitches of Long Haul to get to the top.

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