Land of the Earth-born Spirit


Several roads accessing great climbing formations like the Valley Massif and the Reynold’s Complex, as well as many beautiful campsites, have been closed offin recent years due to a variety of reasons such as (but not limited to) misuse and abuse (deliberate destruction of fragile marshes and fencing by 4 wheelers). Use of buck and pole fencing for firewood is also a contributing factor. The most noticeable closure in 2000 was Road 700D leading to the most of the OUTBACK FORMATIONSReynold’s Complex and Devil’s Playground. Several other roads and trails are being watched closely by US Forest Service personnel. You can still hike in to these more remote areas, it just takes more time. Perhaps this is a good thing.
Off-road travel by motorized vehicles is a Federal offense.
One wonders if the people who do this …. know this?
If you see negligent activity, please report it to the Enforcement Officer, Laramie District, USFS, 307-745-8971 !!
*The road providing access to the south side of the Nautilus was closed off (May, 2001), as well as all spurs along Road 700 for about a mile further east. This has eliminated a considerable number of popular dispersed campsites, so plan on going elsewhere.


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