Land of the Earth-born Spirit


Reynold’s Southeast is a big broad expanse of (generally) user friendly granite.   The routes are of moderate difficulty, long, adventurous and less often climbed than others at Reynold’s.  Note the descent for most climbs is a rather sketchy downclimb towards the back (NE) side of the formation.

1.) Moor Crossing 6 P1: Behind a very large Ponderosa Pine, find a 45′ vertical ‘tube’ of granite carved by decades of waterflow. This is the start of the climb. At the top, you will find a blocky window through to the other side where slings left for a quick rap can usually be found. Belay here. P2: Go up a large overlapping flake on the left and surmount a bulge overhead and belay above it. P3: Traverse across open ground with little protection to near the Horror Show chimney, find a vertical crack, put in some pro, continue upwards to the top alongside the Horror Show Chimney and set the belay (see the shot).

2.) Nexus 6 Start P1 of Moor Crossing and after about 40′ begin a right traverse up/under a very large detached standing flake and belay at the Horror Show Chimney. Keep traversing up and right, joining Barf Bucket Traverse.

3.) Horror Show 9 A long chimney splits the face from top to bottom called Horror Show, and it might be one.

4.) Original Horror Show 9

5.) Barf Bucket Traverse 6

6.) Tombstone Crack 8


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