Located about 400 yards east of the Orange Cave at a prominent vertical orange streak near the top of the bluff. THREE recreational routes have been put in here, possibly the easiest on the island. and

* NOTE: BE CAREFUL of routes 2 and 3!! These were originally bolted with Petzl Stainless eyes. These are in the process of being replaced at present (’10)! Top anchors are Tortugas placed in 12/09.

1.) Brac Snack 5.5 2/3 Bolted after many requests for an ‘easy training route’. (Harper, ’09) Ti

2.) Orange Streak 5.7 2/6 Follow the bolt line up to a 15 foot long right facing dihedral. Pro can be used here! Author unknown, CAUTION – mixed bolts (01-10) !!

3.) Shark Bait 5.9 2/6 Follow the bolt line up increasingly sharp rock …. crux move is just before the ‘old anchors’, although the route ends at the newly installed Ti top anchors 15′ above. Author unknown.

CAUTION – mixed bolts (01-10)!! Photo at left is this route.