Located about 2.5 miles east of Ashton Reid Road on South Side Road East, this is the home of hardmen. Hard routes on smooth, overhanging rock. Routes are numbered from L to R facing the rock.

*CAUTION: Three routes are rebolted and three are not, HOWEVER ALL TOP ANCHORS have been replaced (01-01-02) !!

1.) Mild Virus, 12b, 2/6. Leftmost route. Stick clip first bolt if you value your life. (Elison and Grenard) NOT REBOLTED!

2.) Leapin’ Lizzards, 12a, 2/7. Ti Another obvious stick clip and throw for the big bucket, another dyno … and another. (Elison and Grenard)

3.) Bats in Brac, 12 c/d, 2/7. Hard beginning moves. (Grenard) NOT REBOLTED!

4.) Parrot Trooper, 12 b/c, 2/4. Ti Another stick clip or crash and burn on nasty rock. (Grenard)

5.) Throwin’ the Hoola Girl, 12a, 2/7. Ti Deceptive and challenging at the grade. (Elison)

6.) Bric-A-Brac Crack, 12a, 2/6. Shares anchors with #5. Left rising seam is the telling feature. (Grenard and Elison) NOT REBOLTED!