Kepley clipping a wire near top of ‘GLORIA’
See the orientation MAP, top of Granite Staircase Page.

Gorilla Rock, part of the Greater Reynold’s Area, is a quiet, secluded refuge capping a densely forested hillside. Those that know about it covet the shady getaway on hot summer days, especially the northeast face. But you’d better be on your game, because the climbs found here require skill, finger and forearm strength and lots of experience. Two climbs are found on the southwest face and most of the climbs are located on the north side in two distinct alcoves (A1 and A2; see photo 1).


1.) ‘extension’ of #3 10c Follows crack line until it peters out, onto face, clip last bolt of #2.

2.) Garden of Earthly Delights 11c Bosch the Drill, or Heironymous? Whichever – it’s a steep, bolted journey past colorful lichen on smooth dark grey granite. Rap bolts.


1.) Still-A-Gorilla 11d Seen on the orientation MAP of Reynold’s and the Outback, this demanding line is a Silverback’s dream. Starts in a thin crack, goes up to a capstone on the right, traverses under it and up the middle via an obvious crack line.

2.) Little Monkey 9 Starts thin and goes wide in a right facing dihedral.


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