There is a surprising biodiversity to be found throughout Greater Vedauwoo and one form is the flora. While there is definitely a peak season for flowering plants tending to be around the first of July, there are bursts of color throughout the summer. You will see quite a few of the varied species below, although there are many more that you can discover on your own.


A multitude of animal species are commonly found here, including lots of birds (jays, finches, crows, blackbirds, falcons, vultures, eagles, etc.), many smaller mammals (beaver, ground squirrels, jack rabbits, badgers, etc.) as well as coyotes, antelope, cattle, climbers, deer, moose and an occasional black bear and cougar. You certainly don’t have to go far to observe most of these denizens. WHAT, NO MOOSE AT VEDAUWOO? These ‘visitors’ were filmed near the gazebo in Central Vedauwoo.  MORE TO COME HERE…….