Here’s a long shot of End Of The Road Rock taken from Road 700bb looking west. The road ends right at the rock. The trail to ‘THE OUTBACK’ starts almost where the road ends. This has turned into a very popular, yet still secluded formation. There is great camping here and literally no one will bother you, except maybe some grazing cattle. There is a heron ‘rookery’ across the stream (Crow Creek) and the young hatchlings are quite raucous during early days in the nest. The climbs are inventive, some inside the rock and some outside on the faces. SUPERB!! And incidentally, Spelunk Spire is easily accessible from here. See the MAP on the OUTBACK PAGE for orientation.


Here’s a close up of the East Face. Routes 2 and 3 are inside a hallway formed by a big, blocky, nearly detached pillar (BP).
2.) Inside Straight 9+ A great overhanging hand crack is found on the ‘outside’ wall of the hallway. Belay on top of the pillar on gear. Descend by walking over the top of the formation and downclimbing (arrow). (Johnson and Harper, ’93)
3.) Inside Flush 10b Another cool hand crack lies on the ‘inside’ wall of the hallway. The top is off with. (Harper and Johnson, ’93)
4.) Two Of A Kind 7 Twin hand cracks on the main wall just outside the hallway. Really groovy and must have been climbed before? (Harper and Johnson, ’93)
5.) Poker Face 10c You will have a hard time keeping a straight face on this one! A real challenge, hands and mostly fist jamming up a right diagonal crack line with fantasy feet. Belay around the dicey corner just beyond where the crack ends. Take several medium-large pieces (2x#3, 2x#3.5 and a 4 Camalot) to slam in plus a standard rack. TAPE UP! (Harper and Johnson, ’93)

Southeast Face

Here’s a shot of the Southeast Face. You can see the big, blocky pillar (BP) and the one line that exists here. There is another obvious line (to the left) that has reportedly been climbed, but it has yet to be confirmed.
1.) Proctologist 11c An overhanging hands, fist, stemming and lieback crack that will really take it out of you. If it doesn’t, see your local proctologist to get your head examined. Big pro, bro. (S. Bradley, ’92)

West Face

This is the West face, around to the left of the prominent overhanging roof. There are at least 2 routes in these ‘hallways’ and you have to scramble up in there to find them. Neither route sees much action due mostly to the obscure location.
6.) Woman’s Work 11a Begins as fingers to off fingers to hands and ends at rap anchors. (Scarpelli and McGann, c’86)
7.) Dr. Thunder 10a A thin line that doglegs right and continues as a wider crack. Belay on gear when convenient and walk off over the top. (Kuestner et al., ’90)


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