Dixon’s Wall is a smooth section of bluff face in the village of Spot Bay, essentially situated in the ‘back yard’ of Mr. Hindenberg “Berg” Dixon. Ask permission first and you will be able to climb there. You might even garner an impromptu audience with food and cool drinks! The Dixon home is directly across from the Spot Bay Primary School, white frame with black shutters. Can’t find it, just ask anyone around. Please be respectful of their property, leave no trace. Routes are numbered left to right as you face the bluff.

1.) Bussy’s Bulge, 11 c/d, bolt count 2/9. Begins under a small overhang. Clip first bolt (VERY HIGH) and find a bucket ladder. Ti

2.) Lizzard the Gizzard, 10d, bolt count 2/9. Pocket pulling and navigation of stalactites. Ti

3.) Dixon’s Delight, 11a, bolt count 2/10. Where the fence ends. Pockets and edges. Great climb as seen in shots of Michelle Hurni cruising the climb at right, and Mike Auldridge (at left) negotiating the flowstone band near the top. Ti

4.) Out of Africa, 11d, bolt count 2/10. Flowstone curtains, mono’s, CAUTION: first clip is high. Ti

5.) Buffalo Soldier, 12 a/b, bolt count 2/10. Rightmost route facing wall. Sustained, pinchy, crimpy crux. Ti