“Cuba Libre”, 11d, 160′

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‘Cuba Libre’, also the namesake of a very popular, mind-bending Cuban drink, is climbing on ‘frozen’ flowstone drippings in its ultimate form, a triple decker topped off with a cherry of a roof some 200+ feet off the deck. Try this one on for a real rush and take 2 ropes. It is found on the west side of the Vinales road about 100 yards uphill (south) from the El Palanque Taverna. The first pitch is recreational 9, the second pitch is 10b/c because of a dicey traverse, while the third pitch is one incredible off width – jam crack roof extending about 25 feet up and out at a 35-degree angle. There are some ‘cut loose’ moves that must be negotiated in order to make it all the way out this crack. Be prepared for some rather gymnastic movements in a very exposed position!! *Set up for a 160′ foot lower by your belayer! Think about this BEFORE you climb this route! *CAUTION: it is imperative that your belayer know how to pass a knot thru their belay device in order to get you all the way down! Double ring anchors are found at the end of each pitch. The shot (at right) is Luebben starting to crank up the difficult off width roof, third pitch. (Luebben, Harper and Bracksieck, ’98).