CUBA Climbing Books

“Cuba Climbing”, Fernandez and Menocal, Quickdraw Publications, Squamish, BC (2009). The only climbing guidebook to this island of mystery and revolt. Well done and worth the money.

Cuba: A Guide to the People, Politics and Culture. Hatchwell, E. and Calder, S. In Focus Series, Interlink Publishing Group, Inc., Brooklyn, N.Y. (1999). Broad view of contemporary Cuba, seemingly well balanced, a good starting point for learning about this isolated, yet exciting culture.

Fidel’s Cuba: A Revolution in Pictures. Salas, O. and Salas, R. Beyond Words Publishing, Inc., Hillsboro, OR (1998). A picture’s worth a thousand words … this is masterful photography… images never seen before – or never again …. text is revealing and enlightening… very worth the money.

The Cuba Handbook. Baker, C. P. Moon Publications, Inc., P. O. Box 3040, Chico, CA (1997). Indispensible! Took this on my first two trips into Cuba, essentially planned a “quick” tour from tip to tip of the island (1800 totally unbelievable miles plus lots of help from locals) with this book… It is good, accurate, reliable and falling apart from use / overuse. Don’t leave home without it…. I don’t (didn’t) speak Spanish and this thing got me by!! Unreal…

An Encounter With Fidel. Mina, Gianni. Ocean Press, Distributed in the USA by The Talman Company, 150 Fifth Avenue, NY, NY 10011 (1991). You really want to know how ‘they’ are ‘taught’ to think in Cuba? Here it is, the philosophy and doctrine of Cuban thought…. I leave it up to you…..