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Climbing Waiver

WARNING: Rock climbing is a dangerous, high-risk sport. The information provided on this website IS NOT A SUBSTITUTE for the user’s judgment or personal responsibility. The recommended route listing and other route information on this website are a compilation of information from various sources. While every effort is made to provide accurate information, please note it is always subject to inaccuracy and/or change. Do not use the information contained on this website for determining whether or not to attempt any climb described here. Information on this website does not replace the need to consult other sources for additional detail such as local climbers, knowledgeable guides (see the links and books pages) and outdoor stores in the area. No one involved in the development of this website or posting of information on this website makes any representations or warranties regarding the accuracy of this information, and assumes any responsibility to anyone for its accuracy. You alone are responsible for being prepared to climb with proper training, equipment, experience, judgment and common sense. Climb at your own risk.



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