Despite the infestation of pine trees by the pine bark beetle beginning in the later ’90’s and into present times, a significant event causing considerable deforestation, there is definitely sufficient forest remaining viable in the Greater Vedauwoo and Pole Mountain Areas to maintain aesthetic surroundings. Within this context, camping (as well as hiking and biking) remain a lasting feature of these treasured locations.

Dispersed camping is free except where expressly prohibited. Vedauwoo is designated as a “White Arrow Management Area”, meaning you are supposed to camp within a minimum of at least 100′ from any road and within a maximum distance of 200 feet to help preserve the forest.

There is a use fee campground within the central area, easily seen within the first 10 seconds of the beginning of the video ‘a flight over Vedauwoo’ seen in the introduction to Central Vedauwoo on this site. It is composed of two loops, winding around through boulders and surrounded by iconic rockforms.  There are 28 campsites complete with fire rings, tables and access to 2 enclosed vault-type toilets. There are another 20 sites that do not have such ‘facilities’ although access to heads is present. Accommodations for both tent and trailer camping is available. NOTE: no source of potable water. In general, this area blends well with its surroundings including forestation of pine and aspen. There is access to hiking, rock climbing, a nature trail and all else that Central Vedauwoo offers. The US Forest Service manages the facility and it is usually first come, first served basis. There is a 14 consecutive day limit to these sites. Permits are available at the entry kiosk for $10 per night as well as by calling the Laramie Ranger Division at 303-745-2300 for further information.

There are three other USFS campgrounds within a radius of 6 miles of Vedauwoo. Curt Gowdy, Tie City and Yellow Pine are some of them. Go to the US Forest Service site for more information. Laramie, a university town in the ‘wild west’, with all amenities (including several very reasonable motels) and a population of about 30,000, is only 18 miles west. *NOTE: Road closures are also closing previously impacted, popular campsites, especially the area southeast of the Nautilus AND along the old Reynold’s Road #700D. Plan accordingly!

PLEASE : Leave campsites cleaner than you found them !!
Leave No Trace !!