Land of the Earth-born Spirit

Vertical Dance 2009

A Dreamtime Tale 2009 …

was held August 22nd and 23rd, the story narrated by Paul Taylor, choreographed again by Margaret Wilson and Neil Humphrey, with live music including 6 creative musicians and a digeridoo’er.

Attendance was at a record high of nearly 1800 spectators and ‘The Performance’ was nominated for the prestigious Wyoming Arts Council Governor’s Arts Award.

I am still involved with rigging and safety of the production…. AND HERE (below) ARE THE TWO EXTRAORDINARY and TALENTED MENTORS OF VERTICAL DANCE AT VEDAUWOO (both Margaret and Neil also teach the newly evolved Vertical Dance Curriculum at the University of Wyoming).

Margaret Wilson

Neil Humphrey setting some rigging.

Neil Humphrey in his ‘normal’ state.


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