Land of the Earth-born Spirit

While there was a hiatus in 2005 for various reasons,

” Dancing Between Earth and Sky 2006 “

was held on July 14, 15 and 16, 2006 for abundant audiences. The performance has now been incorporated into the well-known Snowy Range Summer Theatre and Dance Festival. This year, it was featured in the Denver Rocky Mountain News, as well by the Wyoming Council of the Arts and in other local papers. Both Neil Humphrey (Prof. of Geophysics) and Margaret Wilson (Asst. Prof. of Theatre and Dance) continue to mentor this very unique venue.

Music was provided by an ensemble featuring all original works comprised of Jazz, ‘world’ music and aleatoric music by T. Pfotenhauer, Rod Garnett and Peter Queal.

  1. Bridget Bose and Elizabeth Bramlett hold an exciting pose while dangling 50 feet above the audience.
  2. Bridget in inverted repose.
  3. Several cast members explode from the rocks including Andrew Franks-Ongoy high above, the ‘Trio’ consisting of Anna Keller, Katrina Fisher and Eileen Skidmore, and at the bottom, still far from the ground are Neil Humphrey and Margaret Wilson.
  4. The “TRIO” mesmerized the audience far below.


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