Rock Climbing at Vedauwoo

Welcome to Vedauwoo, Wyoming and beyond. Thanks for stopping in and taking time to learn about rock climbing at one of Wyoming’s premier climbing destinations. (Hiking, biking and camping are also presented, as are other unique destinations and adventures.)

Vedauwoo is located along Interstate I-80, about 30-miles west of Cheyenne and/or about 20-miles east of Laramie at Exit #329 (actually called the “Vedauwoo Exit”). Here are a few highlights about this intriguing┬álocation with a very strange name.

  • 1.4 billion-year-old Sherman Granite towers and bewildering landforms sculpted by natural forces over eons of time.
  • It’s considered the Fat Crack/Offwidth mecca of North America.
  • Well over 1,000 routes are found here, certainly not all Offwidths.
  • The range of climbing difficulty is extensive, from 5.0 to 5.14

Whether you are new to the sport of rock climbing or a seasoned expert, I think you’ll find value and challenge here, a place I’ve had the good fortune to frequent for quite a long time.

The site is divided into 4 basic sections: VEDAUWOO (which makes up over 50% of the site), THE SNOWY RANGE, CAYMAN BRAC, and “OTHER” areas. Each of these sections has information on climbing, hiking, biking. diving and other activities.

So, if it’s Vedauwoo in detail that you’re looking for, click on the first of the four images seen directly below to reveal nearly everything you’d want to know about this extraordinary, unique natural climbing hot spot. Explore the other sections of the site if you’re interested. Go for it!



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