This very aesthetic area is really composed of Reynold’s ‘Hill’ and three other very distinct formations

including Gorilla Rock, The Granite Staircase and The Vertical Freeway.

A  G E N E R A L  O V E R V I E W

The name ‘Reynolds Hill’ appears on USGS maps for decades and in the ‘official’ USBGN, GNIS survey dated 05-06-79, ID: 1603915. What is not clear is how much terrain is encompassed by the name. Historically, the two centrally located landforms of highest altitude and largest mass have been referred to as ‘Reynold’s Hill’ and the early maps by Halfpenny (’62, ’66) seem to indicate the remainder of the landforms are part of the so-called ‘Devil’s Playground’. Names have been attached to the other crags such as ‘Gorilla Rock’ (GR on the topo above), primarily for an eminent climb found there called (in this example) ‘Still a Gorilla’ (sag). Therefore, REYNOLDS HILL consists of Reynolds Left (RL), Reynolds Right (RR) and Reynolds Southeast (RE). The other crags are components of the DEVIL’S PLAYGROUND. These are Westworld, Gorilla Rock (GR), Granite Staircase (GS), The Vertical Freeway (VF), H & I Crag, Parade Rock, Spelunk Spire, End of the Road Rock and Muscle and Fitness Crag. There is a map of the entire area immediately below, including trails that thread through the area (faded blue lines). Access to this part of Greater Vedauwoo is either by the Reynold’s Trail beginning at the Reynold’s trailhead and via Forest Road 700b which terminates at End of the Road Rock.

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