Drive to the turnaround at the east end of South Side Road East. Walk along ‘Beach Walk’ eastwards for about 5 minutes and you can’t miss it. Routes are numbered L to R facing the rock.

1.) Feeding Frenzy, 10b, 2/10. Starts in a cave like alcove with first bolt difficult to see. No titanium. (Harper and Johnson,’94) NOT REBOLTED !

2.) Chum Buckets, 10c, 2/6. *First route on the island (’94). Big moves on big holds. Fun route. Rap out below the sharp teeth. Ti (Harper and Johnson,’94)

3.) Going to Cayman with a Snorkel in My Jeans, 10c, 2/6. Silly first clip. Be very careful. Ti (Luebben)

4.) Orange Fantasea, 11b, 2/7. Starts in the cave and goes up and out the right side. Ti (Luebben)

5.) La Orangerie, 5.9, 2/5. Fun and short. Ti (Harper)

6.) Ick Theology, 10b, 2/9. *Note: Located about 125 feet east of #5. The shorter you are, the harder the start. Heads to a small cave followed by a steep jug haul. See photoTopo below. Ti (Hirst)

Climbing Waiver

Climbing Waiver WARNING: Rock climbing is a dangerous, high-risk sport. The information provided on this website IS NOT A SUBSTITUTE for the user’s judgment or personal responsibility. The recommended route listing and other route information on this website are a...

Note on Gear

Note on Gear While some climbers want loads of beta on climbs, many don’t. You won’t find detailed beta here. Each climber climbs a route differently. Perhaps a special piece of gear is needed for a crux move, or a tough sequence is best protected by using a...

Fall Wall

Fall Wall

Fall Wall is the most popular crag/area at Vedauwoo – everyone just seems magnetically attracted to the place. Fall Wall is the rightmost (eastmost) component of the South Face of the Central Massif (CM in the above topo)

Coke Bottle

Coke Bottle

THE COKE BOTTLE A straight on view of the Coke Bottle – Coke Bottle ‘Center’ (Walt’s Wall to the left, Fall Wall to the right), The Coke Bottle is one of three prominent south facing formations of the Central Massif. It gets sun most of the day and it is easily...

Walt’s Wall

WALT’S WALL Home of the ‘must do’ EDWARD’S CRACK. HERE’S THE MAIN FACE OF WALT’S WALL (WW) Walt’s Wall Area, and particularly its namesake climb named “Walt’s Wall”, has been climbed more than any other area in Vedauwoo. It was named for Walt Sticker, who climbed the...


CHINATOWN Go to the (West) Turtle Rock Trailhead, take the trail and go through the gate. Chinatown is approximately 200 yards down the trail on your right. A couple of these routes have been climbed in the past, but none have been documented for the public until now....

H&I Crag

H&I Crag

H&I Crag in the outback area of Vedauwoo consists of H’ (aka Rusty the Pig) 10c, ‘I’ (aka Animal Cracker Land) 11b, and Jay Bird 10d Hand crack(s).



WESTWORLD Here’s a shot of Date with a Dike 10d 4 bolts – One of two climbs here right now. The other, Pollyanna Goes to Hell 11a Chimney to a partially detached flake is found about 25′ right. More details later. WESTWORLD Here's a shot of Date with a Dike 10d  4...

Parade Rock

PARADE ROCK Check out the MAP on the Outback Areas section of Vedauwoo to orient to where this little rock is. Small it might be, but one of the routes (#1) is a very well-known, yet aesthetic finger buster (oxymoron-ic). There’s been many a fall taken on this one....

Spelunk Spire

Spelunk Spire

SPELUNK SPIRE Yes, the hardmen of old even found this place. Its an adventure to get here, let alone to climb it. There are some old iron pegs up in here if you look for them. Looks like Mickey Mouse ears up top, an easy way to identify this high formation from a long...

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